We are Healed

O my….. y’all 😭✝️… we have been redeemed… I know life is hard but the Cross was WAY HARDER!

How can we waller in self pity when this is the sacrifice that was paid for our unworthy… self righteous… whiny selves 💔 Look I totally get it this world in NUTS and it’s crazy hard to walk the narrow road. But God…. He says you are worth the horrific death of His son … your worth every single lashing of the whip…. the nails 💔💔 … the crown of thorns …. the hatred that was shown … Your life matters … you are “Well Worthy” … Jesus would go out of the way AGAIN 💓… So life’s tuff .. your so right but that road to the cross … wow .. you were known by name then and you are known now! He paid for your sins … please accept this free gift and give Him your troubles and BREATHE…. for once rest in His mercy.

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